Safety Reminder


Dear international students,

Here are some safety reminders for you.

Epidemic Prevention and Control

In  recent days, there are some newly found local cases of CODIS-19 in some  cities in China. Please maintain good hand hygiene, good living habits and wear a mask when you go out.

Don’t go to middle or high risk areas.

Don't leave Nanjing without permission from the universityl!

Safety Notice

The weather is cold and dry in winter. Please take appropriate safety precautions to avoid accidental injury.Always pay attention to the fire prevention, electricity use, theft, fraud, etc.

In your dorm, do not use high-power electrical appliances (microwave, heater, stove, oven, kettle, iron, electric blanket, etc.).
Do not use open flames in your dorm.

It is strictly forbidden to cook in your dorm. Please go to the public kitchen to cook. Always pay attention to your cooking.

Unplug the power plug when you do not use electrical appliances. Never leave these items (when inserted) unattended.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the dorm. Don’t throw cigarette butts everywhere outside. Otherwise, it will damage your health and may cause fire!

Please raise your safety awareness and do not risk people’s lives. College of Overseas Education,Security Departments, dormitory staff and student volunteers will conduct comprehensive inspections regularly. The university will punish the students for breaking the laws and disciplines.

Thanks for your kind cooperation.

College of Overseas Education

29th of December, 2020

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