2021 Winter Vacation Notice


Dear international students,

The  winter vacation of 2021 will be from January 16th to February 21st.  According to the regulations on campus management during holidays and  the current condition of epidemic prevention and control, please be aware of the following issues.

1. Students who are currently out of China are suspended from returning to China and returning to the university.

2. For the students in China, due to the current condition of epidemic prevention and control, please don’t leave the university (or Nanjing) during the winter vacation and avoid cross-province or cross-city travel in China.

3. Students who want to stay on campus during the winter vacation shall submit the application to the College of Overseas Education before January 13rd and the form will be distributed on January 11th. During the stay, all the students shall abide by the related rules and regulations, including “do not accommodate  others, do not organize or participate in intensive gatherings, and do  not closely contact people from middle or high-risk areas, etc.

4. Students on campus can apply for off-campus living in Nanjing during the Winter vacation. Please submit the Commitment Letter to the College of Overseas Education before January 13th and the form will be distributed on January 11th. Before the beginning of the next semester, you shall follow the official notice about the application of returning to the university.  

5. There are some confirmed or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in some cities in China recently. Winter and lower temperatures may be relevant in  most flu diseases. Prevention and control of COVID-19 is now even more  critical. please maintain good hand hygiene, good eating and living  habits. Do wear masks and do your personal protection all the time whenever you go out.

6. Pay attention to fire prevention, electricity use, drowning, theft, fraud, road traffic safety and other risks. Fighting, illegal employment, illegal business, excessive drinking, staying out all night or other bad behaviors are prohibited. Otherwise you will get punishment for breaking the laws and disciplines.

Wish you good health and enjoy your winter vacation!

College of Overseas Education

9th of Janurary, 2021

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