[Striving for a New Journey] Our school researchers published articles in the top international review journal Physics Reports

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  On March 21, Associate Professors Wang Jin, Zhi Ting, and Xue Junjun and their research group on low-dimensional compound semiconductor devices from the College of Electronic and Optical Engineering & College of Flexible electronics (Future Technology), along with Professor Chen Dunjun and Professor Zhang Rong from Nanjing University, jointly published a review article titled Cold source field-effect transistors: Breaking the 60-mV/decade switching limit at room temperature in Physics Reports (Physics Reports, 1013 (2023) 1-33). Associate Professors Wang Jin, Xue Junjun, and Professor Chen Dunjun are co-corresponding authors, and graduate student Wang Saisai and Associate Professor Wang Jin are the first authors of the paper. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications as the first unit of the paper.

  Physics Reports is one of the most influential international review journals in the field of physics and interdisciplinary sciences (2022 impact factor: 30.51). It only publishes one paper per issue and publishes 48 issues per year. It specializes in publishing review papers written by globally renowned experts in various research directions in the field, which plays an important guiding and leading role in the development of relevant fields. This is the first time that teachers from our university have published a review paper in Physics Reports.

  The review work systematically sorts out and summarizes the theoretical and experimental research progress of cold source field-effect transistors in recent years, and describes in detail the principles, methods, performance, advantages and disadvantages of transistor devices that achieve cold electron injection. It also proposes for the first time the potential prospects of using new 3D Dirac materials to filter out hot electrons. In-depth analysis and prospects for the current problems and future development directions in this research field are provided, which provides important reference for subsequent researchers to design low-power transistor devices.

  This work was supported by the National Key R&D Program of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, etc.

The cold electron injection mechanism of CS-FETs with a cold source.Cold source FET devices with filtering function can cut off the Boltzmann thermal tail energy distribution by filtering out high-energy electrons, thus reducing the subthreshold swing and realizing low power devices.

Our school researchers published articles in the top international review journal Physics Reports

Written by Wang Saisai  and Wang Jin ; First reviewed by  Cheng Yong; Edited by Wang  Cunhong; Reviewed by  Zhang Feng

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